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Keep your body, and the environment clean! All of our vitamins are free of GMO’s, artificial dyes, and preservatives.

Boost – $195

B Vitamins give you energy, and boost your mood!

Enjoy high doses of 7 different B Vitamins.

Includes: Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, & B12

Add CoQ10 $55

To reduce inflammation.

To schedule text BOOST to 503-396-6314

Janna Marie Cocktail – $175

A modern twist of the traditional John Myer’s Cocktail, the Janna Marie Cocktail is a house blend of our Medical Directors favorite vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to promote general wellness, energy, and immunity.

Add Vitamin D $55

For an extra immune boost.

To schedule text JMC to 503-396-6314

Recovery – $235

Revive after a night out, a day on the mountain, a hard week at the office, or gym.  Mama bear 🐻, you deserve this one, too.

Includes: B complex, B12, Vitamin C, & Magnesium.

Add Glutathione $55

Detox and recover faster.

To schedule text RECOVERY to 503-396-6314

Immunity – $255

If you’ve recently traveled ✈️, or have felt run down 😰

Increase your white blood cell count to strengthen your immune response, flush out environmental toxins and activate your thyroid.

Includes: Double does of Vitamin C, Zinc, and trace minerals. Vitamin D shot included.

Add Lysine $55

Strong antiviral.

To schedule text IMMUNITY to 503-396-6314

Glow – $255

Let your light 🌈 shine with the ultimate glow up for hair, skin and nails, which will also boost your mood, libido, and metabolism.

Includes: Fat soluble Vitamins, Biotin, B complex, & B12. Vitamin C and Vitamin D shot included.

To schedule text GLOW to 503-396-6314

Performance – $295

Fuel for your adventure by enhancing your endurance, cognition and strength.

Includes: Amino’s, CoQ10, Magnesium, B Complex & Vitamin C.

Add Glutathione $55

To build and repair muscle tissue.

To schedule text PERFORMANCE to 503-396-6314

*To customize your drip, schedule a Functional Medicine appointment with Dr. Hibler.