Hydrate as much as possible the morning of your IV. Limit caffeine intake, as coffee causes vasoconstriction, especially if you have tiny veins, or know that you are a hard stick.

Wear comfortable, loose attire so we can access your veins. Ideally, wear a t-shirt or tank top under a thicker layer.

We request that you refrain from consuming alcohol before, or during an IV therapy session. Those that appear under the influence will be asked to reschedule.

If you have any pertinent allergies, or medications that may affect your infusion please let the nurse and Doctor know. Ie blood thinners, cardiac medications, shellfish, etc.

If this if your first drip, know that it is NORMAL to experience:
– anxiety, or feeling warm
– slight discomfort, or pressure at IV site
– may taste vitamins
– might feel cool in arm, and throughout your body

As stated in our practice policies, we require a 24 hour cancellation notice to avoid fees.

Wellness Drips typically take 10-15 minutes, while NAD+ drips can take 1-3 hours.